Cross section A. Multiple questions are strictly prohibited. For example, "Who are the last five World Series winning teams?" Clearly, this is a request for five answers, and is in violation of the rules, EXCEPT when presented under the conditions set forth in SECTION 9, Subsection 1, Cross section B.

Cross section B. A caller may ask a "name" or "list" question provided they are prepared to give at least as many clues as the number of answers they are asking for. For example, " Who are the top five highest paid professional athletes?"... the caller would be expected to be able to provide five clues.

Cross section C. When providing clues, in the answer count, the caller must be prepared to give the required number of clues at any time, even if there is only one answer remaining. For example, asking the sufficianados to provide the past five N.L batting champs, could mean... that if four have been correctly named, the caller might be asked to provide five clues towards attainment of the fifth answer.


Cross section A. If a caller asks a question regarding a specific date, a specific time, specific number of times an event occurred, or a specific number of people who accomplished an event, the caller will be expected to play "high-low" for up to any number of times that the sufficianados deem appropriate for that particular question.

Subsection 3. CLUES IN GENERAL

Cross section A. The most honored callers are those who provide the most clues without giving the answer away. The more clues that a caller can give and still stump the sufficianados, the more esteemed the caller. in fact, some callers have even been winners based solely on the numbers of clues that they have given, before the sufficianados have attained the answers.

Cross section B. Failure to provide clues (when asked) is deemed a violation of SECTION 8, Subsection 2, Cross section B. ( reference humility).


Cross section A. Some of the exciting aspects of the team sports is the "combination" aspects of the game... a single event with big results such as three point in basketball. A caller can, by following the example in SECTION 9, Subsection 4, Cross section C, ask a question which results in multiple points.

Cross section B. Definition a "double play" or "triple play" question is actually two (double play) or three ( triple play) questions which have the same answer, and therefore more valuable. Here's an example... (triple play) "What college basketball team has recorded the most wins? What college basketball team has the most NCAA tournament appearances? What college basketball team has the recorded for most consecutive non-losing seasons?" The answer, worth three points is Kentucky.

Cross section C. To ask a double or triple play question, you must first receive the permission of the sufficianados. ONLY ONE QUESTION OF THIS NATURE IS PERMITTED ON ANY SHOW.

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