Subsection 1. WHAT IS MINUTIA?

Cross section A. If it is not easily verifiable, doesn't pertain to the big three, ( Basketball, Baseball, or Football), and of little educational value to the junior sufficianados around the world, not to mention worth betting a brew at your local pub... WE DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT! For example... the color underwear Hank Aaron was wearing when he broke Babe Ruth's all-time home run record... is minutia! ( And also distasteful.)

Cross section B. Some events are memorable because they mark milestones in the sport, however, only the fist person to establish the milestone, or the first to break it, are considered noteworthy... others are minutia.

Cross section C. Certain individuals raised themselves above the minutia of their sport. It is acceptable to ask questions about them and their achievement but not their sport. Such as Mark Spitz and how many medals he won. This doesn't give you license, however, to ask swimming questions, unless it is of record setting consequence.

Cross section D. If in general the occurrence was of so insignificance as to not make major impact on the sport, or a contribution to that sports history it is considered minutia, and subject to the wrath of the sufficianados.


Questions regarding sports, as listed below, may be deemed minutia by the sufficianados.

Cross section A. Any sport played in a country who has not contributed a player to major league baseball... such as any sport played in Tibet.

Cross section B. Any sport played in a country which doesn't play American style football... such as all those soccer playing countries.

Cross section C. Any sport played in the Olympics which is not also played on a professional level by a well known TV Commercial star... for instance archery questions are minutia.

Cross section D. Any sissy sport of which most of the people who do well generally aren't Americicans... like "speed walking". Cross section E. Any sport played before crowds of less then 10,000 in the USA but hits in foreign countries... like most track and field events, skiing, and weight lifting, etc..


Cross section A. Some questions are simply boring and of such inconsequential nature that they fester and release foul odors upon the essence of the sport, as a result they are deemed minutia... For example, " How many baseballs were used in the last game the Reds played at Crosley field?".... WHO CARES??? While you would expect questions about the last game played in old Crosley, because of its historical significance, this is ridiculous!

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