News on the Crew

The rumors are now not true. The BBC is not moving from Cincinnati, Oh, ( HQ - 700 WLW ), to Universal Studios, Orlando, FL.   If your in the 700WLW listen area, (a large area of the mid-west, execpt downtown Cincinnati), the BBC now starts at 2:00pm and goes to 6pm.

New Tapes are avaible from the BBC.

New BBC CDs/Tapes on the way, First is Earl Pitts and Pinkerton & Bowen, then a Senseless Survey Collection.

Pinkerton & Bowen was on the show. I wish that they would play Fudge Packers. Don't forget about there current Tour. Call the BBC for more information on where they are at, and when. Pinkerton & Bowen are well worth seeing.


PS. I have a life, so updates to this page may happen about every 3-4 weeks.